The Client

The UNH Energy Department requested a system that could integrate data from multiple  sources into a single system that could provide reporting to both administrators and to the public in order to encourage campus-wide energy efficiency. Some of the data was unavailable in an user-friendly format and other data had to be retrieved at the site periodically by employees.

My Role

My role in this project was as lead designer and developer. Sources included radio transmitting utility meters, external vendor databases, and web-based requests. All of this data was collected into a single database after which automated reports could be created on a daily and monthly basis. Employees now had access to the data from a single online source at any time which was a huge improvement over their previous process. Easily accessible data allows employees to find and troubleshoot problems quickly.

The Energy Department wanted to harness the utility usage data in order to encourage  energy awareness and conservation on campus. UNH programs use the interactive graphs and data during campus-wide conservation competitions.


The following technologies were used in this project:

  • Apache, Linux
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, jQuery, chart.js, Handlebars.js
  • npm, grunt, git
  • Oracle
  • perl